Abiegail Rose, Boss Babe Publications

Confidentiality is the utmost importance.

This agreement is made between all clients who contract with ABIEGAIL ROSE, BOSS BABE PUBLICATIONS INC and SULTRY READS, and the proofreaders and editors who are contracted to provide services for Boss Babe Publications Inc, furthermore referred to as CONTRACTED, and the Author, furthermore referred to as AUTHOR.

The CONTRACTED agrees and confirms that any and all work submitted to them by the AUTHOR is the rightful intellectual property and copyrighted material of the Facilitator. The submission of material for reading and editing privileges made exclusively under this agreement is in no way to be represented as purchased and/or bought property. 

The CONTRACTED agrees that under no circumstances will they redistribute, copy (either electronically or physically), share, or make public any material in any faction of size or quantity, including the title of work presented to the CONTRACTED to any third party outside of this Agreement. The CONTRACTED understands that this includes but is not limited to piracy and duplicating the manuscript in any form. 

The CONTRACTED agrees to uphold this covenant until such time that a legally purchased or ‘gifted’ copy of the final published material has been received. 

The CONTRACTED agrees that they will receive emails and messages from the AUTHOR. The CONTRACTED will be expected to thoroughly read the documents, make any suggestions and/or editing, as they deem necessary. The AUTHOR has the final say and will solely use the CONTRACTED’s input as the AUTHOR sees fit. The CONTRACTED will get rightful acknowledgments from the AUTHOR but is in no way, shape, or form entitled to any royalties made after publication. 

I, the CONTRACTED, agree to the above NDA, which will remain valid indefinitely. 

Last updated: April 4, 2020

A signed copy of the above NDA is available upon request.

Otherwise, let this public NDA be accepted as if signed.

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